♥ About Harmony♥Rescue


Norah Jeanne, Oliver and Major (Bunny) Nelson

As the guardian of three Miniature Schnauzers I know how crazy a household filled with dogs can be.  In addition to the three Miniature Schnauzers, my husband and I are the proud grandparents to two Guinea Pigs.  In the new world of blended families, the Guinea Pigs are bi-coastal. 🙂  During the week they live with our daughter and her mother’s family across town and on the weekends they live with our daughter and our little family on the other side of the city.

Me, Paul and Freckles; my first dog.

Since a small child, I have had a variety of animals in my life.  The first was a baby raccoon left abandoned when his mother was hit by a passing car.  Named Treetop Jones, he was the first of many animals to share my family home.  As I grew and more siblings were added to the family, so were additional animals; hamsters, dogs, puppies, stray cats, kittens, more hamsters and mice.  It was a little crazy at times, but for the most part everyone got along fairly well.  I want that same experience and joy for your family and your animal companions.


In some homes, the humans and various assorted animals get along famously and live together in perfect harmony.  In other homes, the situation can be tense and filled with chaos.  This can be uncomfortable for some, if not all, parties involved, leading to stress, tension, anger and frustration.  Unfortunately, this type of scenario often ends up with one or more animals being re-homed, surrendered to a shelter or even worse, abandoned.

Our goal at Harmony♥Rescue is to help the animals and their human caretakers resolve the ongoing behavior issues or underlying health problems before the situation reaches the point of no return.

Although some of our services are best experienced in person, most of our services can be done via a phone call or webex and are just as effective long distance as they are face-to-face.    We’re located in the Heartland (Wichita, KS).  Feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding how we can assist you and your animal companions.



When I began looking for someone to take some photos for my business I wanted to work with someone that knew how to handle the temperaments of three feisty Miniature Schnauzers.  I found exactly what I was looking for with Karra Jones-Kostya!  In addition to her pet photography business, she has been volunteering for the Kansas Humane Society in Wichita, KS for the past four years, taking adorable shots of all the adoptable kittens.  She worked patiently to get the perfect images and handled all the prima donna personalities of my crew. The photos of me and my Miniature Schnauzers were all taken by her.  For more information, please contact Karra at her at Islay Corners Photography (https://islaycornersphotography.com/).

The name of my business stemmed from a conversation with a friend, Crystal Wells.  She is a very talented coach and we worked together through my ideas for the business.  Crystal helped me by focusing on what my business goals and dreams are.  Thus, HARMONY♥RESCUE was born.  If you are looking for a Marketing guru or Business coach you can reach Crystal at Sock Monkey Marketing (http://www.sockmonkeymarketing.com).


With the business name selected I began looking for a logo that would convey the idea of animals living together in harmony.  The purpose of my business is to help other animals and their guardians move away from a chaos filled existence to one of harmony and peaceful living.  I believe, and hope you agree, the logo I selected by Agnes from Agnes Design, demonstrates that perfectly.  One of my favorite parts of the design was it reflects the yin/yang energy that my holistic therapies embrace.  She was great to work with and customized the colors of the logo so I could have a black cat!