♥ About Erica



I’ve found some people are super interested in knowing what techniques I’ve studied, therapies I’m familiar with and with whom I’ve apprenticed.  I’m providing this l-o-o-o-n-g list for those of you who’ve asked for more information about how I got into this work.  For those of you who want a short synopsis, please refer to the sidebar.  →

Upon my introduction to Reiki in 1992 I jumped in with both feet, learning and practicing a number of alternative health modalities.  I believe my interest in this field of study was inherited from my paternal grandmother.  She was constantly reading and looking into holistic forms of healing and wellbeing.  Her collection of books and articles contained quite a variety of topics and theories, including but certainly not limited to, supplements and positive thinking to improve your everyday life.

In addition, my family’s background in farming and ranching and their love for animals has been a very strong influence in my life and I am teaching my daughter those same values.  The volunteering we have done for LAPP, a local non-kill shelter, has opened my eyes to the need for more animal advocates.  It’s been interesting to experience how the modalities and skills I’ve acquired from my work with humans have transferred so perfectly to working with animals and their guardians.

The primary focus of my studies has been focused upon energy work and meridian based therapies (Oriental Medicine) as it relates to health, healing, self-image and life balance.  I find these important factors for humans as well as our animal companions.

My studies have included the following:

  • Chakra Therapy and Chakra Balancing
  • Reiki I, Reiki II and a year long Reiki III master apprenticeship program  (Master/Teacher) with Ronni Johnston
  • Craniosacral Therapy from The Upledger Institute
  • Colorpuncture Practitioner Certification and Kirlian Photography with Manohar Croke/Akhila Daas
  • 5 Element Acupuncture Apprenticeship for 2 years with Dr. Lorraine Jones
  • Acutonics 1 & 2 from Acutonics Sound Institute
  • BodyTalk Certification from IBA
  • EFT from EmoFree with Gary Craig
  • Energy Coach Certification from Energy Coach Institute with Maryam Webster
  • ZPoint Training and Certification with Grant Connolly (in progress)
  • Animal Communications and Trust Technique with James French (in progress)
  • Animal Communications training from Gurney Institute with Carol Gurney
  • Professional Animal Communicator Program with Marta Williams (in progress)
  • Animal Acupressure Program with Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute (in progress)
  • BodyTalk for Animals from IBA with Loesje Jacob (in progress)

Please note, I am not a licensed veterinarian and the services I offer are not a substitute for care from your family vet.  However, the services and products provided work wonderfully to complement regular veterinary care without interfering in their effectiveness.