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Black Cat Day ^..^

Black_Cat_Appreciation_Day_Aug_27There’s a belief among those that work at animal shelters that black cats, black animals in general, have a more difficult time in being adopted.

Some theorize their color doesn’t photograph well so people viewing listings on the interwebz don’t see the true beauty of the animal.  Another theory is that dark coated animals tend to look older than animals in another color. Others suggest the idea is related to superstitions held about black cats being “evil”.

Another premise is of course, the media.  If you watch a movie where there is a vicious animal portrayed, take note of the animal cast in the role.  Is it black?  Almost every role where there is a call for a ferocious animal it is almost always black.

No matter the real reason, black cats (and dogs) deserve a forever home.  If you’re considering an adoption, please take a look at the black animals available at your local shelter.  Some shelters even run special “Friday the 13th” adoption promotions to encourage the adoption of the dark furry ones!