♥What Can We Help With?

Our goal at Harmony♥Rescue is to help the animals and their human caretakers resolve the ongoing behavior issues or underlying health problems before the situation reaches the point of no return. All of our services can be beneficial for humans and/or their animal companions.

You are invited to contact us for additional information and a free 15-minute consultation to see if our services might provide you with a path from complete chaos to perfect harmony in you and your animal companion’s lives.

Here Are Some Things We Can Help With

Physical Issues

Emotional Issues
♥ Prepare for or recuperate after an agility trial or competition
♥ Strengthen energy before or after surgery
♥ Address pain from past injury, aging or arthritis
♥ Relief from emotions surrounding birth, abandonment or rehoming
♥ Release trauma from past neglect or abuse
♥ Reduce fear, social and separation anxiety

Emotional Healing
Our services are not meant to replace the care from your family veterinarian, but instead work wonderfully to complement regular veterinary care without interfering in their effectiveness.
1. Alleviate chronic pain related to arthritis, aging and hip displasia
2. Preparation for surgery and a speedy recovery afterwards
3. Building the immune system to resolve or prevent illness
As guardians of the animals in your life, your pet may be experiencing some of the following issues. Let us work with you to help resolve these issues.
1. Birth and/or original family trauma
2. Understanding an animal's needs, feelings and innermost thoughts
3. Clearing emotions such as anger, loss, stress or fear
Settling In and Settling Down
Bringing home a new pet is a huge decision for you, your family, your existing animals and the potential new pet. Contact us if things aren't going as smoothly as you'd hoped.
1. New pet is afraid and/or not settling into home.
2. Existing pet(s) aren't welcoming to new pet.
3. Existing pet(s) displaying behavior issues.
Grief / Mourning / Transitioning
Each day we spend together, we grow closer and closer to the animals in our life. These relationships often become the most precious to us. As our pets begin to age, we are often faced with tough decisions and overwhelming emotions. Allow yourself to experience the feelings and reach out to us if you need assistance in preparing for and coping with your animal companion's transition.