♥ Mysterious Issues

You’re completely mystified.  You’ve taken your pet to the vet for a checkup.  You’ve changed them to a grain-free food.  You’ve increased their exercise level.  You’ve taken them to daycare a few times a week and even considered getting them a playmate.  Unfortunately, nothing has seemed to help.  Your pet just isn’t acting like themselves and there really doesn’t seem to be anything “wrong”.

There are lots of issues that aren’t easily identifiable by medical tests or observation.  Animals, like humans, can have mysterious things wrong with them.  The issues can be difficult to pinpoint and difficult to recover from.  Here are some mystery situations that I’ve seen and some holistic options to help your animal.


My Normally Friendly Cat is Hiding from Me

Below is a short story about Gumdrop.  She went from snuggling close to her human to hiding behind and under furniture.  She also completely stopped eating or drinking.  She simply hid out.

Gumdrop was found abandoned in a parking lot.  She had numerous personality quirks that her human chalked up to being taken away from her mother and siblings too early.  As a result of malnourishment, she had a number of issues around food and it’s availability.  Gumdrop’s human had worked with her over several years addressing these concerns and she had let go of some of her most neurotic behaviors.  That was why it was shocking that all the sudden she no longer was sleeping on the bed and was instead hiding under the dresser.  Instead of laying next to her human in the office she was hiding behind the sofa.  After two days of her odd behavior Gumdrop was taken to see the vet.  There appeared to be nothing physically wrong with her other than she was slightly dehydrated.  After some IV fluids she was sent home.


Without a specific diagnosis from the veterinarian and no real physical issues, we began a series of Reiki sessions and the use of a custom flower essence blend.  After a few weeks Gumdrop returned to her normal snuggly self.  She also regained her ravenous appetite!

Let Us Help!

Just because it hasn’t be identified doesn’t mean something isn’t bothering your pet.  Yes, it could be something that hasn’t yet developed enough to be pinpointed, such as a UTI.  However, it could be something on the energetic level that could be addressed with simple holistic alternatives such as Reiki, Acupressure or Flower Essences blended specifically for your pet.

You are invited to contact us for additional information and a free 15-minute consultation to see if our services might provide you with a path from complete chaos to perfect harmony in you and your animal companion’s lives.