♥ Bringing a New Animal into Your Home

Introducing the first animal into your home or adding an additional animal into your home is a wonderful thing, but it can also be stressful for all parties involved. The key to bringing a new pet into your home is careful preparation and a slow, gentle introductory process.

Following these suggestions when adding a new pet to your family should help assure your house will be harmonious in no time!

The best thing when introducing a new animal into your home is to begin preparing existing family members, including pets, beforehand.  Of course, there are occasions when there isn’t time for preparation and in that case, it may take longer for the situation to reach the desired level of harmony in the home.



Discuss the idea of a new addition to your household with everyone in the home prior to making the big decision; this means including the human and the animals in your home in the conversation.  If you’re not sure if the existing animals in your home are ready for a new roommate, click here to learn more about Animal Communication or to schedule an Animal Communication session for your pet(s) to see if everyone is open to the idea of a new animal.

Prepare your home environment before bringing the new animal into the space.  The most important thing to be aware of is TERRITORY.  Even domesticated dogs and cats still have the inclination to mark their home, yard and neighborhood as their territory.  One of the best things to do is to introduce your current family and pets to the new animal in what would be considered neutral territory, such as a park.  This allows the existing animals to not feel the need to to protect their home territory and keeps the new animal from being seen as an interloper in the home.

Another thing to consider is making the home welcoming to the new animal.  Make sure that when the new animal is brought to the home there has been preparation of the space to accommodate the existing and new animals as well.  What does that mean?  It means adding a second set of food and water bowls for the new pet, a second sleeping area such as new bedding and/or a new kennel and most definitely new toys.  Be sure to include new toys for the existing animals as well as the new animal.

Don’t expect your existing animals to share their things with the new animal right off.  Think how a child reacts when the new baby is brought home.  Some children may be quite happy to share their bedroom and toys while others may react poorly to the request to share their space, belongings and most definitely parental attention.  Be sure equal attention is paid to all animals.


It may be necessary to slowly introduce the new pet to any existing animals.  Sometimes it is necessary to set up the new animal in a separate area and slowly introduce the pets to each other over time.  This may require a few hours or few days or even longer with some animals.

Animals have thoughts, emotions and feelings just like we do.  Think back to a time when you might have had a similar experience; perhaps you got a new sibling or were assigned a new roommmate.  This type of change can cause fear, territorial behavior and jealousy, just to name a few emotions.  As animals are very receptive to energetic patterns, both positive and negative, they are easily helped by energetic therapies.  To assist with the integration of the new pet consider using a flower essence or a custom blend of flower essences.  Click here to learn more about flower essences or schedule a consultation.