♥ Emotional Issues

Change can be difficult, even when we know it’s for the best or will improve our lives.  Unexpected changes can seriously disrupt our day-to-day existence and cause stress and anxiety for us.  It does the same for our animal’s lives.


A Changing of the Guard

Zoe’s life started off well.  She was adopted along with her sister Chloe to a man who loved dogs.  They had a nice backyard and got to play together all day.  Life was good.  The man showed them lots of attention and they grew and grew!  As time passed, Chloe didn’t seem as spunky and full of life as she had when she was a young dog.

One day, in the heat of the afternoon, Zoe noticed Chloe preferred to lay in the shade of the big tree and didn’t want to run or play.  When the man came home he found Chloe had passed away, laying under her favorite tree.  Zoe was distraught.  Not long after Zoe experienced this loss, the man had a disagreement with his roommate and decided he and Zoe would find another apartment of their own.

While the man was looking for an apartment that would allow him to have a large dog he often left Zoe at his girlfriend’s house.  She didn’t know the girlfriend well and was upset when the man left her there alone.  Some days he came to visit and other days she waited by the window and he never came.  It became a pattern for Zoe; waiting and waiting, hoping the man would come today and take her with him.  Nothing else seemed to matter to her except the man taking her with him, wherever he went when he left this house.

As the months went by, the man visited less and less.  Zoe’s world had been turned completely upside down and she was confused and upset.  Luckily the girlfriend offered Zoe a pattern of stability.  Zoe began to see her meals would be the same time everyday.  She knew when she woke up the girlfriend would take her for a walk, rain or shine.  She also got a short walk in the middle of the day and another long walk before bedtime.  The girlfriend showed her the love and attention she sorely missed from the man.  The girlfriend welcomed Zoe in all areas of her life.  It was only then that things began to look up for her.


With the two upheavals in Zoe’s life, she struggled with behavior issues.  When left alone, she almost panicked, wreaking havoc on the house and its contents.  Using Animal Communications to speak with Zoe helped reassure her she wouldn’t be left again.  A custom blended Flower Essence allowed her to return to her sunny outlook on life and the occasional Reiki session has shown her that people can be safe and it’s ok to trust again.

Let Us Help!

Emotional issues impact animals just as they do humans.  And just like humans, some animals struggle more than others.  Certain pets can quickly get back to their normal, happy selves while other pets may require additional support to adjust.  Regardless, we recommend some gentle energy work such as Reiki and a Flower Essence to support the pet’s emotional health.

You are invited to contact us for additional information and a free 15-minute consultation to see if our services might provide you with a path from complete chaos to perfect harmony in you and your animal companion’s lives.