♥ Animal Communication

elephantSharing your life with a working animal or a companion animal can both a blessing and a challenge.  We tend to bond closely with the animals in our lives and sometimes wish we had a shared language.

When they are ill or in pain, we long for a way to communicate with them to help with their healing.  When they behave in a way that is frustrating or not understandable, we want a way to express our concern and get feedback.  If a life event impacts you and the animals in your life, you may yearn for a way to share the information with them.  The ability to communicate intuitively with animals allows us to do all the things we desire.

Animals communicate through thought and emotion.  They are able to indicate how they are feeling, what they are thinking and much more.  Communicating with animals can be done in person or long-distance, similar to a long-distance phone call.

To arrange an Animal Communication consultation with Harmony♥Rescue, please use our on-line scheduling system.