♥ Flower and Gemstone Essences

During the 1920’s and 30’s a well known English doctor, Dr. Edward Bach, determined that our negative emotions and thoughts could seriously impact our health and wellbeing.  He came to the conclusion that there were approximately 38 negative feelings.  He began researching how to release and/or relieve those feelings to improve our overall health.

Mount Vernon - Dr. Bach's countryside home.

Based on Dr. Bach’s biochemistry background, his research led him to determine that local flowers and plants could be used to help alleviate these negative emotions.  He developed 38 essences from the vegetation growing in the countryside surrounding his home in Oxfordshire, England.  The healing properties of the plants and flowers were found to improve the energetic vibrations and help eliminate a variety of negative emotions impacting the health of the physical body.  Since that time, additional scientific studies have proven the direct link between what we think and how we feel.

In the years since Dr. Bach’s research was completed a great number of people from different parts of the world have followed in his footsteps.  The nearly endless supply of flowers and plants around the planet allow for a wide variety of essences to be created.

In addition to their own health and emotional challenges, the animals in our lives have a tendency to absorb the energies we emit, be they positive energies or negative energies.  Pets can also be the mirror images to our beings.  The same physical or emotional challenges we are facing can also impact our pets wellbeing.

When you notice health or behavioral issues in yourself or your companion animals these can often be addressed with the use of Flower or Gemstone Essences.

Essences can gently and effectively eliminate or transmute negative thoughts, feelings and energies into more positive light.

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