♥ N.E.E.T. (Negative Emotion Elimination & Transformation)

Over the past 25 years I have studied numerous energetic healing methodologies.  The techniques I have learned range from meridian therapies (Oriental Medicine) to color therapy to sound therapy and pretty much everywhere in between.

In each of the modalities I’ve studied I’ve found something beneficial to our individual healing process.  In addition, sometimes I’ve found that combining a certain part of one modality with another part of a different modality may be just what is needed to shift the body’s energy to a place of healing and balance.

During the course of studying these different healing systems and working with a variety of clients I began to notice there was a strong similarity between individuals who saw improvement from the therapies and individuals that did not.

The most significant thing I began to see with clients was that on one hand they strongly desired to make a change in their life.  On the other hand, there was something holding them back from actually taking the steps necessary to move forward to a happy, healthier life.

This one ever-so-important aspect appeared over and over to be an emotional issue or maybe several issues.  Sometimes these emotions were due to a recent experience or shock.  Other times, the emotions were tied to old, powerful traumas that perhaps never healed.  Using some very simple tools and gentle support my clients and I began to see verifiable improvements in long standing, troublesome emotional issues.  Thus I arrived at a combination of energetic healing methods, resulting in what I term N.E.E.T.

I welcome you to experience the life changing process for yourself and/or your animal companion.  Your MESSY (yucky, spinning, swirling emotional mess of a) life is transformed in just 90 days with our N.E.E.T program!

To arrange a N.E.E.T.  consultation with Harmony♥Rescue, please use our on-line scheduling system.